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Friday, 24 August 2007


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Min, I remember John sitting at his desk the day I visited. He was reading resumes and said that was way of life with him. It left a deep impression on me. Startups are about people and end with people. Some say Google is not a company, it is a culture. People together (co+pany = together+breaking bread) create the culture by being themselves. TX for the link to the interview!

Hi John,

You might want to check out this interview of John Morgridge by Stanford students. He gives some advice relevant to what was cited in your post about hiring good people during a company's infancy.


Min, on behalf of iinnovate

Boris, the evolution of Check Point has been insightful to follow and has some fine lessons in its history. I knew several of the early VPs in the US.

One lesson is that the firewall and related business had a lot of competitors trying to "get it right" to build a rocket-ride business success. I certainly think the leaders of SofaWare found the golden trail to riches. (For the bolg readers, Check Point acquired SofaWare Technologies in 1999. SofaWare was founded in 1999 in Ramat-Gan, Israel.)

I also find a classic lesson in the trail SofaWare's product took to get to prime time markets:

The history of what the leaders did to create the amazing success of CHKP is indeed worth the time to study it.

Thank you for the lesson!

John with all my respect,
CHKP was a "first mover" or as i prefer to call "niche creator" and they very far from death. Absolutely agree with the rest - it's all about team play.

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