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Monday, 04 February 2008


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Elisabeth, you are wise to do so. Today I talked to a brilliant woman who is a hedge fund manager. She gets so focused on the next problems that she forgets to celebrate the past successes.

I find the out of doors to be an amazing refresher. So each day I deliberately make sure I step outside my office, hotel room, or wherever, to get a breath of fresh air and a five minute walk. It's amazing how that restores the creative soul.

So now "Just do it!"

I'm cheering for you.

Hi John Nesheim,
this really hit me. I am glad one of my co-members of Gründerskolen Alumni posted a link to this blog. It made me think about the start-up company I am a part of, we should be more aware of the importance of taking a day off once in a while. I will start this sunday:-) (and I'll keep reading your blog). thanks!

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