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Monday, 03 April 2006


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CEC, even though the last comment here is a year old, just seeing this now, I want to say thank you. I am in the process of launching a small company and a new product - this was a great reminder.


CEC, thanks for reminding us: the happiest people in a startup should be the sales team. And the CEO should celebrate when the sales people take home a lot more cash than s/he does. TIP: When interviewing for a startup job, be sure to talk to sales people before accepting the offer.

Thank you so much for your comments. I am a very independent sales rep who specializes in bringing new products to market.The first thing I do with a new account is have a full company meeting. We are all in this together. Everybody in the company is NOW a salesman. Don't fight me and don't fire me when my commission in 6 months is more than the CEO brings home in a year. Respectfully CEC

Nice piece. The fact that you point out that sales comes AFTER marketing is a key component many entreprenuers seem to forget or just don't get at all.

A salesperson doesn't stand a chance without a competent marketing plan and channel strategy, regarless of how good they might be.


Thanks so much for this. You're alright.


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